Stranded 3/26/2016

Gabby is a juvenile Atlantic green sea turtle. She was named after the finder's granddaughter. Gabby had a 3-4 cm gash on the right side of her mouth, possibly from a fish hook. Fortunately, X-rays revealed she had not swallowed it. Gabby also has FP in both eyes and on other parts of her body. Her wound is healing well, and we hope she will be moved to a rehabilitation tank soon.

June Update: Gabby's head wound has healed well. She is swimming with Harry, Crunchy Waves and Shakira, awaiting FP surgery.

August 11 Update: A very sad sad update to report. Yesterday, Gabby and Shakira were  transported to the Gladys shakira and gabby for obitPorter Zoo for fibropapilloma (FP) tumor removal surgery. After a comprehensive examination, it was decided that Gabby was not a candidate. She had tumors covering both eyes, and unfortunately, they were attached to the corneas. The decision was made to euthanize Gabby.   Pictured here are Gabby and Shakira. See Shakira's related update post.