Field Trip Booking

Merry-ChristmasSea Turtle, Inc. offers school groups the exciting opportunity to explore the world of sea turtles through an interactive tour of our facility.

Tours may be scheduled from 10am to 3pm, Tuesday - Sunday. We offer presentations in both English & Spanish (please specify if you need a Spanish presentation). Tour times are one hour long and consist of a 20-25 minute age-appropriate presentation where our trained Educator will teach your students about sea turtle conservation, the life cycle of sea turtles, and the five species in the Gulf of Mexico.

For the remainder of the hour, students will be able to view our sea turtle ICU and rehabilitation center under the supervision of Sea Turtle, Inc. staff and volunteers. They may also use this time to purchase turtle items from our gift shop.

March, April, and May are the busiest months for school groups at Sea Turtle, Inc.

Be sure to make your appointment far enough in advance!

Our facility can handle a maximum of 200 students. If you have more than 200 students, we recommend splitting the group. Sea Turtle, Inc. will try to accommodate large groups by scheduling back-to-back tours when possible. While one group is at our facility, we recommend the other group takes advantage of the UTPA Coastal Studies LabSPI Birding & Nature Center, a Dolphin Watch Tour, or even a trip to the beach.

**Please note: activities with other facilities cannot be booked through Sea Turtle, Inc. **

Cost: $2 per student & $4 per adult chaperon, through Nov 30th, 2017

*Effective December 1, 2017 price will be $4 per student/adult chaperon as per new education facility admission charges*

Call 956.761.4511 to book today!! 

See our Field Trip Guide for more information on what to do and expect from the field trip.

Pre-purchase Souvenirs For Your Class

Call us before the field trip to purchase and reserve souvenirs for your class.


Bookmark $0.50

Pencil $0.50








Turtle Treat Bag $2.00

Includes a postcard , rubber turtle, and a pencil. Assorted pencil colors and turtle species used.








Hatching-EggHatching Egg Toy $2.50

When the egg is placed in a cup of water a rubber toy turtle will "hatch" out!








Teacher-Pack-1Teacher-Pack-BookTeacher Turtle Pack: $16.00

A bag of 8 rubber turtles that represent all the species of sea turtles with an ID bookmark & a book about the life cycle of sea turtles. Book rated for grades 3-6.