This craft is a simple &  fun way to express discuss threats to sea turtles or predator vs. prey relationships. The best part is its 100% recycled!!

What you will need:

-1 cereal box (or anything made out of paperboard)

-10 bottle caps (different sizes and colors work great)

-acrylic paint

-paint brushes

Tic Tac Turtle Board


Step 1.

Cut paper board into about a 8 x 8 " square. Sizes can vary depending on the size of your bottle caps.

Step 2.

Draw or paint a typical tic-tac-toe board on paperboard. You can paint some type of ocean or beach background on it if you wish. Be creative!!





Turtle Bottle Cap



Step 3.

Select 5 of your bottle caps to be the turtles. Use your acrylic paints to paint little turtles. Check out our Species page to see what your favorite species looks like! You can even make each bottle cap a different species!







Predator Bottle Cap


Step 4.

Use the other 5 bottle caps as your "threats" or "predators" Be creative and think of things that are in a sea turtle's environment (whether natural or human caused) that could harm a turtle. If you need some more ideas, check out our Threats page!






Step 5.

Play time! Once you have your turtles and threats, pick a partner and have the ultimate battle!  Keep track of how many times each of you win. Who do you think wins the most in the wild?

Turtle CapsTic Tac TurtlePredator Caps

(artwork by Sarah Nevison)