Sea Turtle Crossword

Sea Turtle Crossword


1. This sea turtle loves to eat jellyfish

2. The Kemp's ridley's group nesting event is called this.

5. A sea turtle that only nests in South Texas and Northern Mexico

6. A green sea turtle's fat is this color

7. When a sea turtle grows up and has a long tail, is it male or female?

8. Sea turtles lay their eggs here.

9. This is the Kemp's ridley's favorite food

11. Although sea turtles lay eggs on land, they usually live where?

12. Leatherbacks often mistake this for their favorite food


1. This sea turtle loves to eat oysters and clams

3. A hawksbill's favorite food

4. Sea turtles use these to swim fast and maneuver in the water

10. Sometimes turtles' shells can be damaged because these drive too fast in the water.