Scavenger Hunt 2


Sea Turtle Scavenger Hunt Gulf of Mexico Sea Turtles

1.    I have a beak like a hawk and scales on my back that overlap. I am a _______________________.

2.    My skin is reddish-brown and is used to make turtle boots. I am a ___________________.

3.    I can grow up to 12 feet long and I like to eat jellyfish. I am a __________________.

4.    My favorite food is sea grass and I live in the Atlantic Ocean. I am a ____________________.

5.    I am the smallest and one of the most endangered sea turtles and I like to eat crabs in the wild I am a _____________________.

6.    I am a sea turtle I can lay up to _____________ eggs.

7.    What is the largest sea turtle species? ________________________.

8.    Which predator can injure an adult sea turtle? ______________________.

9.    My favorite food is sea sponges and I live near coral reefs.  I am a _________________.

10.     Sea turtles eat plastic bags because they think they are _____________________.

11.     Sea turtle eggs are soft and leathery and the size of a ________________________.

12.     Olive and Kemp’s ridley sea turtles will nest in large groups called ______________________________.