A critical portion of Sea Turtle, Inc.'s mission is public education. Each year, Sea Turtle Inc. engages with over 80,000 tourists on South Padre Island. Our goal is to educate the general public about endangered sea turtles and their marine environments. An essential part of endangered species conservation is simply to help  people to understand the species and their importance not only to their habitat, but to our lives as well. Visitors to our facility can participate in a "Turtle Talk" which are given multiple times throughout the day. Additionally, we provide age-appropriate presentations for school groups and bi-lingual tours upon request.

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Sea-Turtle-HatchlingAbout Sea Turtles

Many times, the most powerful education tools are the turtles themselves. These creatures touch the hearts of every single person that walks through our door. Our rehabilitation facility treats 40-100+ sea turtles each year. There are five species of sea turtles in the Gulf of Mexico and all are considered "threatened" or "endangered" in the United States. Please take the time to learn some fun facts about these species (and the other 3 species of sea turtles) and how their existence is vital to our own.


Education with Gery

Book a Field Trip

Each year, Sea Turtle, Inc. educates more than 8,000 school children in the Rio Grande Valley. We are happy to accommodate field trip groups if a reservation is made in advance! English, Spanish, or bi-lingual tours may be scheduled from 10am to 3pm, Tuesday - Sunday.  Tour times are one hour long and consist of a 20-25 minute age-appropriate presentation. Please read our Field Trip page for more information.



Sea Turtle Anatomy

Teacher Lesson Plans

We encourage teachers to incorporate sea turtles and marine biology into their curriculum standards. We hope that these fun lesson plans will help children relate to sea turtles and apply basic principles of conservation to their daily lives.



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Outreach Programs

Our mission of education compels us to offer programs to those in the Rio Grande Valley that cannot make it to our facility. We provide the props, specimens, and presentation to bring a truly unique learning experience to your students!



Activities for Kids

Hey Kids! Come join in the fun at our Turtle Learning Center! Play games, create art, and learn tons of turtle facts with our resident sea turtles. Maybe you can impress your friends with what a turtle whiz you'll turn out to be!!