Stranded 4/04/2016

Drifter is a juvenile Atlantic green sea turtle. He was spotted and rescued by Captain Faustino and his friend Ysidro Garcia while fishing aboard Faustino’s boat The Drifter. Drifter was in great distress. He was deeply entangled in 15 lbs. of fishing line, rope and electrical cables. Drifter's left flipper will be x-rayed to determine if it is broken. He also has large FP tumors on his front flippers.

June UpdateDrifter's left flipper is broken, but he is growing stronger. He is in a rehabilitation tank.

July UpdateDrifter had a huge FP tumor on his flipper, and he was one of the four who were treated at the Gladys Porter Zoo on July 26. Drifter, like his buddies, is recovering well, and we hope he will be back in his outdoor rehabilitation tank soon.

August Update:  Drifter's FP  wounds are 85% recovered, and he is swimming well. He is back with Harry and Brownie.

September Update: Drifter is looking good, swimming well and wounds are healed!

October Update: Drifter is headed home the week of 10/17!!!!

Released 10/24/2016