Crunchy Waves

crunchy waves

Stranded 3/18/2016

Crunchy Waves is a juvenile Atlantic green sea turtle. He was found by a family fishing off the jetties in Isla Blanca Park and named by the two daughters, Mikayla and Peyton Dicker.  Crunchy Waves was entangled in in fishing line, requiring our vet tech, Brian Thurow, to dive in and save him.  He had a two inch laceration to to his front right flipper and multiple FP tumors on eyes and all flippers. Crunchy Wave's flipper wound is healing well, and he has been moved to our ICU pool in the gift shop.

June Update: Crunchy is doing well. Waiting on FP surgery, but swimming with his buds Gabby, Harry and Shakira.

July Update: Crunchy was our turtle with the most amount of FP tumors. Crunchy Waves was also treated on July 26 and like his buddies, is doing wonderfully well. Crunchy still has tumors around his eyes, which will be treated in the future.

October Update:  Crunchy will be released the week of 10/17 along with 5 other fellow greens!!! Check Facebook for time and place!

                                                                                Released 10/19/2016