Stranded 11/14/2016


Cole is a 94 pound sub-adult Atlantic green that was found floating and unable to dive in the Port of Brownsville channel. Cole has an older boat strike injury (probably several months old) on the back portion of its carapace and some of its scutes are flaking off. We started Cole on a course of antibiotics and fluids and cleaned  the area. A lot of debris and some dead bone was removed. This process of cleaning is called debridement, removing materials that may promote infection or hinder healing. Cole was named after one of its owners.-

December update:  Weight was applied to Cole's carapace to assist him in diving.The picture below shows him resting on the bottom of a shallow tank. He was subsequently moved to a deeper tank. We are hoping that Cole's appetite will improve now that the weight is making movement more comfortable.

January 2 update: A lighter weight was applied to Cole's carapace, as the original one seemed a little heavy. Cole has been eating his entire diet for the past 2 weeks, but he is picky. Squid only menu! As of 1/17/17, Cole is still dragging his hind flippers/bottom along tank. We will be adjusting the weight to correct this.

February 14 update: Cole's weight was removed on 2/11 and he was able to lay flat on the bottom without for two days. As of today, his caudal end (posterior) is slowly becoming buoyant again. We will monitor and might have to reapply a small weight. He is eating well and swimming with Barracuda.