Stranded 4/17/2013

Clover was found floating at the mouth of the Arroyo Colorado. A good Samaritan with a boat pulled her out and called Sea Turtle, Inc. staff. Clover appears to have been struck by a boat and has a severe fracture in her carapace (top shell). Our Veterinarian placed zip tie ports with putty onto the shell. Ties are replaced every few days to tighten and encourage the bones to heal back together. These types of injuries are very severe since the shell is made up of the ribs and backbone of the turtle. We will have to evaluate Clover for possible nerve damage from the impact and the road to recovery is a long one. She will most likely be in here for the rest of 2013. Her release status has not yet been determined.

August update: Clover's wounds are healing nicely and she has been moved to a bigger ICU tank. Parts of her shell are not healing as strong as we hoped so we still have not made any decisions about her release status.

January 2014 Update: Clover has made an amazing recovery. Her shell is healing well and the soft parts have strengthened considerably. She will most likely be released in spring or summer of 2014

February 2014: Clover has been moved to an outside rehabilitation tank and has been cleared for release!


Released 4/9/2014