Chelsea Robinson

San Diego State University


Hello, my name is Chelsea Robinson. I was born in northern California, but I grew up in a suburb north of Chicago. After high school, I moved back to California to pursue a BS in Environmental Sciences at San Diego State University. In college, I had the incredible opportunity to study abroad for 2 semesters. My first semester abroad was spent in Costa Rica, where I fell in love with exploring wild places and learning about different cultures and ecosystems. I then travelled across the world to South Africa, which was a dream come true. I volunteered at a rehabilitation center for endangered African Penguins and other local marine birds, which was a very interesting experience and led me to find a passion for wildlife rehabilitation. Back in San Diego, I worked at a small aquarium where I learned the ins and outs of animal husbandry. After graduating in December 2016, I moved to Long Island in New York for an internship through the Student Conservation Association at Jones Beach State Park. I was primarily an environmental educator, but I also monitored horseshoe crabs and piping plovers during the summer months. I came to realize that I am interested in pursuing a career in marine conservation, and I was looking for an opportunity that was dynamic and combined all of my past experiences. Sea Turtle Inc was the perfect fit! I have always been fascinated with sea turtles, and after learning more about them, working with them, and snorkeling and diving with wild ones, I am very excited to have the opportunity to spend my summer protecting them!