Stranded 12/16/2013

Casper is a juvenile Atlantic green sea turtle. He was found in Dolphin Cove near Isla Blanca Park. He had no visible injuries but was floating with his head down in the water. He was assumed to be a cold stranded sea turtle, however, when placing him in water for the first time we noticed he was unable to diver under. X-rays show that he has excess air trapped in his shell. This is preventing him from diving like a normal turtle. We do not know the cause of this excess air and we are still trying to determine a course of action. He is currently in Sea Turtle, Inc. ICU

4/25/2014 Update: Casper has had several days where he has been able to reach the bottom but still is having trouble staying down. He is still in ICU.

May Update: Casper is swimming well and has been moved out to a rehabilitation tank

Released 6/30/2014