Stranded 6/05/2016


brownie1Brownie is a juvenile Atlantic green sea turtle. His flipper was wrapped around fishing line, and there was a hook stuck near the injured flipper. It will take some time to determine if his flipper will heal. To read more about how humans endanger sea turtles, click here.

Sadly...Brownie's flipper had to be amputated. Since he lost the flipper on June 16, he has been morebrownie2 responsive and eating better. The wound is healing well.

July Update: Brownie is recovering well and has been moved to an outdoor rehabilitation tank with the buddies, Shakira, Harry, Crunchy Waves and Gabby to await FP laser surgery.

HEE HAW!!!!!  Brownie has recovered so well, that he was one of our first four turtles to have FP tumors removed via our new CO2 laser. Brownie's tumors were small and few and cauterized quickly. The surgery was performed at the Gladys Porter Zoo. Brownie returned home same day to recuperate in his hospital ICU bed!

August Update: Brownie is back swimming with buds Harry and Drifter. He appears to have made a full recovery from his FP surgery!

September Update:  No recurrence of FP tumors!!! Brownie and friends should be headed home shortly!!!!

October Update: Brownie and buds are headed out with CJ and Boerne on a boat release the week of 10/17. Keep an eye of facebook posts for date and time!

Released 10-19-2016