Stranded 8/8/2016


bobBob is a sub-adult  Atlantic green sea turtle. Bob  was found in the bay near Holly Beach,  Laguna Vista. Bob had a commercial  longline hook embedded in his right flipper. The hook was removed and the wound is being treated. Bob is in ICU, eating very little. A laceration was discovered on the inside of his mouth, probably a result of him trying to free himself from the fishing line.


Bob is named for his founder Bob Blumberg. He and Melinda Bland were fishing in the bay, when they spotted a sea turtle struggling to remove itself from the longline. To see a video of Bob's rescue, go to

September Update:  Bob is now in an outdoor rehabilitation tank. He should be going back home soon!!!

October Update:   Bob also should be released in the next 2 weeks. We had to keep him a little longer than planned, due to red tide.

Released 10-17-2016