Beach Betty

Stranded 03-16-2017


beach betty at intakeBeach Betty is a 60 lb adult Kemp's ridley that was found upside down up the beach at mile marker 19. There is substantial evidence of predator attacks. The left front flipper is almost completely missing (only a nub remains), and there are numerous lacerations all over her body. The most severe damage is near the hind flippers and on the right side of her neck. Betty has had multiple surgical debridements, both at the Gladys Porter Zoo and here at our hospital. Surgical debridement is a procedure that involves removing necrotic material (dead tissue) from wounds which in turn promotes healing and healthy tissue growth. She has not shown any interest in food since arriving at our facility, which is relatively common when adult sea turtles are in captivity. We have been tube feeding her as needed and hope she will start eating on her own soon.
Fun fact: since Beach Betty is an adult, we know that she is a female because her tail does not extend beyond her shell!
Potential release date: unknown