Stranded 11/12/2016

Released 03-30-2017


barber carapace 2-14Barber is a small Atlantic green, almost exactly the same size as Juniper. Yesterday morning it washed up in the rocks on the south jetties due to high tide. Its plastron has some scratches on it from the rocks, but otherwise seems to be in good condition. We started Barber on a course of antibiotics and fluids. One guess as to the occupation of this sea turtle's founder!!!! Both of its founders are barbers in Harlingen.

December Update: Barber has finished his antibiotics and is eating well! His barber plastron 2-14plastron still has scratches, but his overall body condition is good. He seems to be enjoying swimming with friends his own size, Juniper, Rhino and Sunshine!

January, 2 Update: Barber continues to put on weight, up to 5 lbs. Is enjoying his old friends, plus a new one, Sheri!

February 14 Update: Barber is almost to six pounds and his plastron has healed well. Waiting with buds, now 6  of them, for steady warmer release weather!