Stranded 4/26/2015

April is a sub-adult Atlantic green sea turtle. She was found in the Laguna Madre with a large bundle of seismic measuring gear entangled around her front right flipper. Unfortunately, all that was left of the flipper was a bone sticking out. April underwent amputation surgery and is currently recovering in our ICU.

May Update: April continues to recover from surgery. Due to the severity of the wound, the healing process is slow. She is undergoing laser treatments at the Gladys Porter Zoo every 3 days to stimulate cell growth and speed up healing.

August Update: April continues to travel to the zoo for laser treatments. She has been moved out to a rehabilitation tank and is very strong and fiesty. The staff is having a hard time removing her from the tank for her treatments. She will most likely be cleared for release by the end of 2015.

Released 9/14/2015