Alex Flucke


University of Minnesota, Twin Cities


Hi! My name is Alex Flucke. I'm from Green Bay, Wisconsin and I am currently pursuing my bachelors degree at the University of Minnesota Twin Cities in Environmental Sciences with a minor in Marine Biology. I first discovered my love for the Ocean and all of its many creatures when I went to Fiji in 2014 to work on a shark conservation project. The following summer I went to Utila, a small island off of Honduras, to continue my scuba diving education and completed my dive master while also working with the Whale Shark and Oceanic Research Center. In my free time I like to scuba dive, go to concerts, and eat brunch on Sundays. I am so excited that I get the opportunity to intern for Sea Turtle Inc!

My favorite sea turtle species is the loggerhead sea turtle because the aquarium I work at has a somewhat overweight loggerhead named Calypso. She has such a sassy attitude and there is nothing that makes me laugh more than when I see her steal food from the sharks that she lives with. She showed me just how intelligent sea turtle are.