Meet Our Staff

Jeff George, Executive Director

No one person could have ever filled Ila Loetscher's shoes running Sea Turtle, Inc. but I was given the opportunity in 2000 after volunteering for 8 years. It is only through a team effort that we continue Ila's legacy and grow as a non-profit organization. The dedicated staff, volunteers and interns make Sea Turtle, Inc. a success and my job a pleasure. Trained as a mathematician and a retired steel industry manager, working with these beautiful animals is a childhood dream come true.

Favorite Sea Turtle Species: Kemp's ridley; it is our native species and we can proudly say that we were involved in its recovery as an endangered species.










Kat Lillie, Assistant Curator

I am proud to be the Assistant Curator for Sea Turtle, Inc! I was born and raised in Indiana and have a BS in Wildlife and a BA in Spanish Languages and Literature from Purdue University. I had my first experience working with sea turtles in North Carolina in 2008. After I saw my first nesting turtle (a 350 pound loggerhead), I knew that I wanted to continue working to conserve these amazing animals. I’m so proud to be a part of an organization that dedicates itself to this cause. I think the best part of my job is watching people react to seeing sea turtles for the first time. Education is my passion and I hope that my work here will inspire a new generation of environmentally-conscious sea turtle protectors!


Favorite Sea Turtle Species: I will always have a soft spot for the fiesty yet loveable loggerhead sea turtle. They are the first sea turtle I ever worked with! After a summer on Bald Head Island seeing nesting mommas and helping hatchlings down to the ocean, it’s easy to fall in love with them!

Karen Pfeiffer, Gift Shop Manager


I'm so stoked to be a part of the Sea Turtle, Inc. family! I've been a local since 1978 and raised two beautiful children here! You will rarely find me at the facility without an armload of t-shirts & stuffed animals! When I'm not working, I'm either surfing, fishing, or keeping up with my baby Melo, the Double Yellow Headed Amazon.

Favorite Sea Turtle Species: I love the Loggerheads because one day when I was surfing, there was a big Loggerhead following me on my board. It kept popping its head up for air and I kept trying to paddle away but it stayed right behind me. I was in awe of how big its head was! They sure do live up to their names! 

Brian Thurow, Veterinary Technician

Brian's goofy mug


I've loved sea turtles my entire life and have a passion for animal medicine. Sea Turtle, Inc. is my dream job and I really look up to the people I work for. I've learned so much since I've started working here, and I literally jump out of bed most days to start working. In my free time, I raise my beautiful son, Kai. I hope to teach him about ocean conservation so he will grow up to save the planet.



Favorite Sea Turtle Species: I love hawksbill sea turtles because they eat sea sponges and Spongebob Squarepants is my favorite tv show.



Bailey Lucas, Assistant Veterinary Technician


I was an intern in 2013, which was an unforgettable experience. After completing my bachelor’s degree in Environmental Studies and Spanish from the University of Wisconsin, in Madison, I dreamed of finding my way closer to the coast. When an opportunity came up to go back, I jumped. I am very grateful and excited to be back at Sea Turtle, Inc. expanding my work with sea turtles as a keeper and assistant to our Veterinary Technician. I enjoy taking care of these magnificent creatures and helping with rehabilitation efforts.”

Favorite Sea Turtle Species: I don’t like choosing a favorite, because I feel passionate about all marine life. They all have such unique and interesting characteristics and histories! am fascinated by the Kemp's Ridley for its incredible struggle for survival, and I feel proud to be able to take part in such amazing conservation efforts for this species. I also have a special place in my heart for the Pacific Black sea turtles, which I had the pleasure to work with in BCS, Mexico. I hope I get the chance to work with them again someday.


Megan Chilcutt, Marketing and PR


I'm an ocean girl and I love animals. For the last 10 years I have either worked on boats or in animal hospitals. Sea Turtle, Inc. is the perfect job for me! I'm so excited to be a part of the capital campaign and see this great organization grow to its full potential. When I'm not working at Sea Turtle, Inc. I like to spend time with my 2 cats and my new dog (named "Ridley",of course). I also like to paddleboard, surf, and practice my clarinet.

Favorite Sea Turtle Species: Something about loggerheads just gets me every time! Their noses are squishy! Johnny Football, Dazzling, Fred, and Al have a special place in my heart! But, Kemp's ridleys and Atlantic greens get me too!

Jean Pettit, Administrative Assistant

Jean Pettit

After finding a nest as a volunteer foot patroller, the Kemp’s Ridley captured my heart and set everything in motion. I became totally bonded to the Sea Turtle Inc. mission and saw firsthand that conservation really does make a difference.

As a Texas Master Naturalist and Certified Interpretive Guide (NAI) I enjoy seeing the connection visitors make with our resident turtles. By helping to enrich their experience, our message travels across the country. Their joy, enthusiasm and interest in sea turtles and what we do, are making a difference on a daily basis.



Favorite Sea Turtle Species: The Kemp’s Ridley brought me to the “dance” but each of the five species in the Gulf of Mexico has a special place in my heart.



Khrystyne Jamerson, Educator


For as long as I can remember, I've had a passion for wildlife and the outdoors and knew that a career in this field would be a dream come true! I grew up in Killeen,Texas and completed my BS in Wildlife Biology at Texas State University. I had an opportunity to go to Costa Rica in 2008 on a sea turtle volunteer program and from that moment, I was hooked! I first came to Sea Turtle, Inc. in 2014 as an intern and experienced so many amazing things. I am excited to return as an Educator and to help spread awareness about sea turtle conservation with all of you! When I'm not working, you can find me out in my kayak with my dog, Harley.

Favorite Sea Turtle Species: My favorite species of sea turtles would have to be the Leatherbacks since they were the first species I ever worked with. I was able to see hatchlings in Costa Rica, and finally got to see nesting mamas in Ghana this past winter which was a dream come true!

Mary Laddis, Part Time Staff Member

Mary Laddis

Mary has worked with Sea Turtle, Inc. since 1994. She began as a volunteer with our founder and has been with the organization ever since.She has stayed with STI because she is impressed with the rescue work and educational programs. Mary works part time as a staff member. Her favorite hobby is scuba diving and she has traveled all around the world volunteering and diving with almost every species of sea turtle!

Favorite Sea Turtle Species: Atlantic greens are my favorite species. They are the laid back vegetarians of the ocean. It's impossible to not love those "cool" greens!

David Wilson, Part Time Staff Memberdave wilson

I was born and raised in the RGV, and I have been coming to SPI for over fifty years. I am a retired agricultural pilot, and I love being outdoors and on the beach. I started volunteering here about 16 years ago. I primarily do a lot of carpentry and maintenance, but I also get to retrieve cold-stunned turtles and sometimes even get the call to rescue an ATV patroller on the beach. Like my piloting career, my work here is diverse and always full of surprises!

Favorite Sea Turtle Species: Kemp's ridleys of course! That is the species that I get to see nesting on the beach each Spring!



Doris Meinerding, Part Time Marketing Asst.


doris working

I started volunteering at Sea Turtle, Inc. in 2014 as an admin. assistant to Megan Chilcutt, the marketing director. I spent 26 years marketing homes, so working in marketing is not new to me, but houses and sea turtles are “slightly” different products. I use to spend hours alone in a house trying to understand its personality, so I could capture the right views and benefits. Now I get to spend time watching turtles and getting to know their personalities. I am greatly enjoying the switch.

Favorite Sea Turtle Species: Ask me in a year!



SPX, Nest Recovery Dog (Retired)



I am SPX, the red heeler. I have the important job of being on the Kemp's ridley nest recovery team. My owner, Dave Cromwell, trains me on the beach every day to sniff out sea turtle nests.  He uses eggshells of old nests to help keep my sense keen! My breed of dog is highly intelligent and I'm very good at what I do!  My worker's union only lets me work three days per week but I am paid in cookies!





Favorite Sea Turtle Species: By far the Kemp's ridley because when I find a turtle nest I get a cookie! I have found 15 nests!

Mama Torti, Assistant Turtle Keeper


My name is Mama Torti. I moved into Sea Turtle, Inc. in the summer of 2014. I'm a tortoiseshell cat so it just seemed natural that I should live beneath a turtle hospital. I wanted a nice, educational spot to raise my three kittens that were born in August of 2014. When my babies were ready to move out, a staff member took them home. They offered me a home as well but I told them I would prefer to live on the wild side as an outdoor cat.... but I would appreciate being fed and loved on everyday. I was hired on  as full time turtle keeper in October, 2014. My duties are eating mice and lizards, and keeping away a large, pesky raccoon that keeps wanting to live here. In my free time, I enjoy letting some people pet me... NOT EVERYONE but some people. I also enjoy when there is leftover shrimp after a turtle feeding. You can usually find me sunning myself somewhere in the facility. I love my turtle home!

Favorite Sea Turtle Species: I don't play favorites. My mission is to protect and serve (and get occasional belly rubs).