Interns 2016

Sarah Kluk


Illinois State University

My name is Sarah Kluk and I’m from Oak Forest, a south suburb of Chicago.   I graduated in May 2015 from Illinois State University with a B.S in Biological Sciences including a minor in Psychology. I really enjoy staying active.  So things like working out and hiking, swimming, or really anything outdoors are all things I try to do pretty frequently.  I definitely have a case of wanderlust; traveling is one of my favorite things to do and I will whenever I have the opportunity. I just love being in different places and being able to see and try all different things.  When traveling I especially enjoy visiting sights, partaking in activities, and eating at food places that are unique to that area, really making the trip an experience.  My hobbies also include anything in the realm of arts and crafts.  I have more recently discovered a skill in drawing and painting.  I have really taken a liking to this and will work on really any medium from canvas to coolers to shoes.

My favorite sea turtle species is the leatherback.  I find their massive size as well as the distances they can travel in a year incredible.  Their size is especially impressive to me when considering how small they begin their lives as hatchlings.  I cannot wait to begin working with sea turtles this summer at Sea Turtle, Inc. and feel extremely enthusiastic and blessed to have this opportunity.

Nicholas Moore

NicholasMooreThe Pennsylvania State University


            My name is Nicholas Moore and I am originally from rural, northwestern Pennsylvania. I graduated from the Pennsylvania State University in May of 2014 with a Bachelors in Wildlife and Fisheries Sciences. After graduating I decided that I wanted to travel the United States while doing various internships. I drove the length of the country from Pennsylvania to California and back multiple times and stopped in each state on the way.

             I spent nine months in San Francisco, California working for the National Park Service through Golden Gate National Parks Conservancy as an intern on a trail crew. I spent much of that time in the redwoods and on the beaches of California. I also volunteered with The Marine Mammal Center assisting with the rescue and rehabilitation of several species of seals and sea lions. After California, I spent four months in Palmer, Alaska helping out at the Musk Ox Farm as the farm's winter intern. I enjoy working with animals and especially enjoyed volunteering with TMMC. I found rehabilitation work to be incredibly rewarding. I attended a few releases and it is amazing to watch an animal go back to the wild. I am very thrilled to get the opportunity to intern at Sea Turtle Inc. and look forward to helping a new group of marine species.

            When not working, writing or drawing/paining, I enjoy doing anything outside. I am particularly found of photography and especially enjoy photographing mountains.

            My favorite sea turtle, although it is very hard to choose, is the Leatherback. I have always found them fascinating, especially when it comes to how they can regulate their body temperature. They also grow to be huge! Not as large as the Northern Elephant Seals I worked with, but larger than a Musk Ox and that is saying a lot!

Sarai Zelada


University of Massachusetts Amherst 


Hello! My name is Sarai and I am from Massachusetts. I attended the University of Massachusetts Amherst where I studied Natural Resource Conservation and Italian. I enjoy exploring new places, watching foreign films, growing veggies, and simply being outdoors. I have always been interested in sea turtle conservation and am thrilled to begin this adventure with Sea Turtle, Inc. 
My favorite sea turtle is the Kemp's ridley. I was living on Cape Cod when an overwhelming number of them became stranded on beaches there. I was able to see the recovery of some and witnessed the release of others back into the ocean."

Hanna Bauer


University of Portland

My name is Hanna Bauer from Portland, Oregon. Last May I graduated from the University of Portland with a Biology major. It wasn't until my final semester that I took a marine course and realized that ocean organisms and conservation are a passion. I spent a summer working for the Bureau of Land Management in Dillon, Montana as a botanist. I did not successfully learn how to fly-fish or lasso a calf, despite some efforts, but I did enjoy hiking all day and working to conserve sensitive species. Once the season was over I spent two months in Southeast Asia, where I completed my scuba certification and realized I wish I could be underwater looking a reefs all the time. In my spare time I like to hike, ski, read, be in the water, and eat french fries.

I'd hate to play favorites but if I had to pick my favorite sea turtle is a green for no real reason other than color and Finding Nemo.

Alex Flucke


University of Minnesota, Twin Cities


Hi! My name is Alex Flucke. I'm from Green Bay, Wisconsin and I am currently pursuing my bachelors degree at the University of Minnesota Twin Cities in Environmental Sciences with a minor in Marine Biology. I first discovered my love for the Ocean and all of its many creatures when I went to Fiji in 2014 to work on a shark conservation project. The following summer I went to Utila, a small island off of Honduras, to continue my scuba diving education and completed my dive master while also working with the Whale Shark and Oceanic Research Center. In my free time I like to scuba dive, go to concerts, and eat brunch on Sundays. I am so excited that I get the opportunity to intern for Sea Turtle Inc!

My favorite sea turtle species is the loggerhead sea turtle because the aquarium I work at has a somewhat overweight loggerhead named Calypso. She has such a sassy attitude and there is nothing that makes me laugh more than when I see her steal food from the sharks that she lives with. She showed me just how intelligent sea turtle are.  

Ariana Berdote


Stephen F. Austin State University


Hi! My name is Ariana and I’m from Houston, Texas. I graduated May 2015 from Stephen F. Austin State University with a degree in Forestry-Wildlife Management. For as long as I could remember I have always had a passion for wildlife and the outdoors. I have experience working with primates, big cats, wolves, bears, and some raptors. I’m always eager to learn more and expand my skills, so needless to say I was super excited when I found out I would be interning with Sea Turtle Inc.! It has always been a dream of mine to learn about and work with marine wildlife. Camping, backpacking, fishing, kayaking, and paddleboarding are just a few of my favorite hobbies.  I hope to one day work at a state or national park, teaching people about wildlife and the importance of conserving our natural resources.

My favorite species of sea turtle would have to be the Kemp's Ridley. Last summer I got the opportunity to see hatchlings up close being released in South Padre. I remember the park ranger describing the babies as “Oreos of the sea” everything wants to eat them! Seeing everyone work together and watching those little guys following their instincts, racing to the sea as the sun came up is something I’ll never forget. I’m excited to get to work with people who share my passion for wildlife conservation. 

Jillian Schacher


University of Miami


My name is Jillian Schacher and I am originally from Munich, Germany. I grew up in Porto, Miami, Austin, Boston, and several other cities, and once spent a year traveling around the world. Aside from traveling, I love scuba diving, fencing, kayaking, skydiving, mysteries, and cryptography. I earned my Bachelor of Science in marine science and biology at the University of Miami, and am currently working on my Master of Professional Science in marine conservation.

My favorite sea turtle is the Kemp's ridley sea turtle. I think they're amazing, with absolutely adorable hatchlings, and I feel very lucky to get the chance to work with such a critically endangered species. 

Hilary Fransden


University of Texas at Brownsville

I live in Brownsville, TX and am currently pursuing my Master's degree in Biology. This summer, I am excited to begin conducting my thesis research on the Kemp’s ridleys that nest on South Padre Island. Three things I can’t live without: sea turtles, the beach, and breakfast tacos.


My favorite sea turtle species is the leatherback because they are incredibly massive, have adorable hatchlings, and are the sea turtle species on which I conducted my first scientific research.