Interns 2014

Meet the 2014 summer interns!




Gladys Delgadillo

Hello! I'm Gladys and I'm from Escondido, CA! I earned a B.S. in the Earth Systems program at Stanford University, where my studies focused on the ways humans and environmental problems were related. I've always loved animals and am especially passionate about the conservation of endangered species! I'm really excited to contribute to the recovery of Kemp's Ridley sea turtles, both through direct interaction with the sea turtles and through sharing ways we can better coexist with these inspiring animals! Outside of my career, horseback riding and spending quality time with friends are very important parts of my life.

Green sea turtles are probably my favorite species of sea turtle. They are so beautiful, and while my summer with the Bald Head Island Conservancy was spent mostly with Loggerhead sea turtles, the first sea turtle I ever saw in person was a green sea turtle. I'm sure that was a sign!



Keeley Zimmerman


I am from Carolina Beach, North Carolina. I graduated from Appalachian State University with a B.S. in biology/ecology and environmental biology, and I recently received a master’s degree in marine biology from the University of North Carolina Wilmington. I enjoy cooking and trying new foods, but I enjoy eating those foods even more. I am both a beach and mountain girl, and I enjoy snow skiing as well as sunbathing. I love to sit down to a good book in my spare time. I am really looking forward to this opportunity to work with sea turtles and in marine conservation.

My favorite sea turtles species is the leatherback turtle. Not only are they the oldest extant sea turtle species, but they are also very unique and different from other sea turtles. They love to snack on jellyfish, and I spent the past two and a half years studying moon jellyfish, so we have similar interests.





KhrystyneKhrystyne Jamerson

I'm from Killeen, TX but have lived in Montana the last two years. I graduated from Texas State University with a BS in Wildlife Biology. I love traveling and being outdoors with my dog. Now that I will be coming back down South, I look forward to working on my scuba diving skills! I fell in love with sea turtles in Costa Rica when I volunteered with WIDECAST and knew this was a passion I would pursue in the future. I am so excited to have the opportunity to intern with Sea Turtle Inc. and look forward to all the knowledge and hands-on work I will gain through this experience.

I have to say my favorite species of sea turtle is the Leatherback! They were the first species I worked with and will always have a special place in my heart. Plus, they have adorable hatchlings!







Martha Villalba

Hi! My name is Martha Villalba and I’m originally from McAllen,TX. I went to school at Barnard College- Columbia University in NYC where I earned a BA in Environmental Biology. I have always loved turtles so I’m super excited to be working with them, especially at a place that’s so close to home! I love traveling, reading, being outdoors, baking, crafting and spending time with family and friends.

My favorite species of sea turtle is the loggerhead because they are the first species I ever encountered nesting while working with sea turtles and also because I think they’re beautiful and are the most prehistoric-looking of all sea turtle species.








Saki Hashimoto

I am from San Diego, California and I graduated from University of California, San Diego with a B.S. in Ecology, Behavior and Evolution. I enjoy playing and listening to music, as well as outdoor activities like hiking, swimming/snorkeling, etc. I have always loved sea turtles ever since I was a child, so I am very excited to be working with them at Sea Turtle, Inc and gain more knowledge and hands-on experience.


My favorite sea turtle species: I will always have a special place in my heart for green sea turtles because they are the ones I worked with the most when I volunteered on the Ogasawara Islands in Japan.






Theresa Madrigal


I am from Leominster, MA. I graduated from Fitchburg State University with a B.S. in Biology, a minor in Chemistry and a concentration in Environmental Biology. I fell in love with sea turtles while volunteering at the New England Aquarium and on a conservation trip to Costa Rica. I am very grateful for the opportunity to intern with Sea Turtle, Inc. and further my career goals and experience. I plan to attend graduate school for Marine Biology. My love for animals extends to many different species. For the past four years I worked at a local pet store grooming dogs. I spend most of my free time traveling and reading.

My favorite sea turtle species is the Atlantic Green. I am most familiar with this species. I have worked with both juvenile and adult Greens and was always drawn to their curious nature.









Hilary Frandsen

(May Intern)

I am from St. Augustine, Fl and received my B.S. degree in Biology with a minor in Educational Studies from Principia College. I enjoy traveling, scuba diving, exercising, and watching movies. I hope to pursue my love of sea turtles and conservation research in a Ph.D. program in the near future. I look forward to working with the Kemp’s ridley species, learning how to care for rehabilitated sea turtles, and all the hands-on experiences offered at Sea Turtle Inc!

My favorite sea turtle species:  Leatherbacks of course! Not only are they incredibly massive and have the cutest hatchlings, they are the sea turtle species on which I conducted my first scientific research.





 Ruma Chatterji

(May Intern)

 Although originally born in Queens, New York City, I moved to Kolkata, India when I was nine years old. I then came back to the United States in 2010 to attend college and have been living in Clarion, Pennsylvania ever since. I went to Clarion University of Pennsylvania where I obtained my BSc degree in Environmental Biology and had a double minor in Sustainability Management and Psychology. Some of my favorite hobbies include reading, hiking, swimming, snorkeling and diving (whenever I get the chance)! I love taking challenges, stepping out of my comfort zone, visiting new places, exploring new avenues and taking part in activities that are filled with excitement.


One of my favorite species of sea turtle is the loggerhead. While these turtles visit inland water bodies, they are also known to travel hundreds of miles out to sea. This matches my love for traveling and subsequently, my passion to explore and learn!