Abby Crowder

Colorado State University


Abby_Intern1Hi everyone! My name is Abby and I am originally from Louisiana but grew up in Colorado. I graduated from Colorado State University with a degree in Fish, Wildlife, and Conservation Biology in May of 2017. While obtaining my degree, I traveled to Todos Santos, Mexico with a study abroad course where I was first exposed to sea turtles and later spent a summer in Belize where I rehabilitated manatees. These two experiences convinced me that I wanted to work in marine conservation. Living in the incredibly landlocked Colorado there isn’t an abundance of opportunities for marine conservation but I was lucky enough to snag a job as an acoustic analyst where I worked on a project that allowed me to spend all day listening to Humpback whale songs, shrimp snaps, and fish grunts! Once I graduated, I interned at Mote Marine Laboratory and Aquarium where I rehabilitated Loggerhead and Atlantic Green sea turtles. It was at Mote that I fell in love and developed a real passion for sea turtles! I anticipate spending most of my free time on the beach but when I don’t have access, I typically work on my photography skills, read, make friends with dogs and watch scary movies! I am so excited to expand my knowledge and I can’t wait to get started at Sea Turtle Inc.!