A Turtle-Tastic 2012 (so far!)

Nesting Momma on SPI

2012 has been such a great year for Sea Turtle, Inc. so far! It is our 35th anniversary year & I think the first thing to be thankful for is no mass cold-strandings early in the year!  The nesting season was record breaking in so many ways. We had records in total nests, number of Kemp’s ridley and green nests, number of species in one year, number of eggs in one nest, and number of nests in one day! Our interns this year were fantastic and hard-working. They hailed from all around the United States; California to Ohio, Texas to Minnesota! You can check out their bios on our INTERN PAGE!


Of course, since you are reading this entry, you’ve noticed that we have made MAJOR renovations to the website! We needed a new look and we are really happy with it! It’s got some great new features and more are coming. Be sure to read the news page, check out the photo gallery, head over to the gift shop to buy a turtle-tastic souvenir, adopt a turtle, or join our new membership program! This site is more user-friendly and easier to update (which as a computer-illiterate person, I can appreciate!)


TexScooterIn other news, we had to say goodbye to a couple of turtle friends this year. Tex & Scooter, our Kemp’s ridleys, went to live at the Arizona Wild World Zoo & Aquarium. They will be missed, but we’re happy to see them fulfilling our mission of education at another facility, to people that may never have seen the ocean!



They were replaced shortly after by a new non-releasable stranded turtle named Boudreaux. He is missing his back left flipper from a predator attack and his right front flipper from fishing line entanglement. He will stay with Sea Turtle, Inc. for a couple years before he is put up for adoption. We hope that his story will inspire people to pick up after themselves when fishing and to use green fishing practices such as circle hooks, instead of J hooks.

Boudreaux Recovery

We’ve also been through some staff changes this year. In March, we hired a new gift shop manager. Karen is a cool surfer chick who has lived in the Rio Grande Valley for 34 years! She’s doing a great job and loves being a sea turtle girl! We also added a part-time educator, Jean Pettit, to help with presentations and outreach. In July, our vet tech Chris Devlin got engaged to our former intern Mariana and he will be going back to school at Texas A&M in Corpus. In September, we will have a new vet tech who will oversee the health of the turtles and their enrichment. This will bring our total staff to 4 full time and 3 part time members. That and over 100 active volunteers is how we are able to care for the turtles and do the work that we do!

I think the most exciting part of 2012 is that we’ve had record attendance coming to our facility to see the rehabilitated sea turtles! This means more people are seeing turtles, listening to presentations, and understanding that it is up to humans to change our ways and protect the fellow inhabitants of our earth! We hope that the people that come through our facility see how much of a difference they can make with a little effort. Those few extra steps to the trash can, remembering to use an eco-bag instead of a plastic one, and even taking the time to recycle can really change the world. It starts with you and me!




Posted by: Kat Lillie- Sea Turtle, Inc. Assistant Curator