Personalized Ceramic Guardrail Turtles

ceramic green guardrail turtle

There are only 100 turtles that can go on the guardrail wall at our newly constructed Turtle Drive!

Turtle Drive is the new road on the north side of our existing building. The road will eventually lead to our new Education Center, Gift Shop, Amphitheater, and tanks. 

For a one-time $400 sponsorship, your ceramic turtle will adorn Turtle Drive for all visitors to see!

When you purchase a Personalized Ceramic Guardrail Turtle, you get to get crafty and design your turtle however you want.  To finish, you will go into ArtSpace to glaze your turtle. A fun family idea might be each member designs a flipper and together the family customizes the body! The possibilities are limited only by your imagination!

Along with your unique turtle, there will be a personalized plaque that will be placed on the wall, for all to see. 

This special offer is possible thanks to ArtSpace, who will oversee the making of each guardrail turtle.

Please email Megan Chilcutt at to reserve your commemorative ceramic guardrail turtle before all 100 have been claimed!