Laura St. Andrews

St. Lawrence University


Hello! My name is Laura St. Andrews and I am from Queensbury, New York. I studied Environmental Science and Policy at St. Lawrence University and graduated in 2014. My academic pursuits involved research and field experience connecting anthropogenic oceanic change, endangered species conservation and policy. At St. Lawrence University, I completed an independent research project studying the effects of rising sea levels and storm surges on native Alaskan communities. After school, I worked with Earthwatch Institute in Boston. With Earthwatch I worked to promote citizen science by developing and coordinating student and corporate field research engagement programs and working with scientists in the field. This sparked and strengthened my interest in environmental education and inspired me to get involved more closely with field research. This led me to work with The Leatherback Trust in Playa Grande, Costa Rica as a Field Biologist. In Playa Grande, I worked with the critically endangered Eastern Pacific Leatherback sea turtle and Olive Ridley and Black sea turtles to monitor and collect data on the nesting females. Learning about the destructive effects of human activity on these species and about their biology motivated me to become more involved in sea turtle rehabilitation and recovery. Now I am excited to be diving into this work to better understand sea turtle biology, rehabilitation needs and work needed to better protect them on South Padre Island! Outside of sea turtle work, you will find me at, in or around the ocean. I am an avid swimmer and runner and love to do yoga. In my free time, I’ll likely be at the beach, going for a walk, exploring or relaxing with a good book.