2016 Scholarship Winners

Congratulations to our three outstanding  2016 Scholarship Winners!!!!

Amber Halstead, Durham, North Carolina:  Amber is a First Year Masters Student at Duke University, pursuing her  Master of Environmental Management, concentrating on Coastal Environmental Management.  She has interned with the Surfrider Foundation as a legislative intern.  Amber also interned with Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission.  She volunteered with the Agrinauts in Tallahassee, Florida, developing a STEM curriculum for an accelerated learning school as well as teaching middle and high school classes centered around science.  Amber also served as an environmental intern with The Charlotte Harbor Environmental Center providing guided nature walks.  She also provided an excellent reference letter.

Mustafa Soliman, St. Petersburg, Florida:  Mustafa's specific field of study is Environmental Impacts Assessment.  He was a visiting scholar  at the Institute for Marine Remote Sensing, College of Marine Science, University of South Florida, St. Petersburg.  He participated in Sea Turtle Law and Policy as recipient of the Environmental Graduate Student Scholarship for the biodiversity of law of sea turtles at Stetson University, Institute of Biodiversity Law.  Currently, Mustafa is a Teaching Assistant, Science Faculty, Zoology Department at Al-Azhar University, Egypt.  He was Pre-Master in Zoology at Al-Azhar University and graduated with Bachelor of Science degree in Zoology. He has worked with sea turtles in the Red Sea, surveying and monitoring the nesting area and assessing the status of sea turtle habitat using remote sensing data and geographic information systems (Arc Gis, MGET Toolbox, Envi and Erdas) and using different types of satellite imaging (Landsat, DEM, MODIS).As a Graduate student and teaching assistant at University South Florida,his professor has provided an excellent letter of recommendation.

Kristine M. Hill, Stedman, North Carolina:  Kristine began her university studies in 2015 at Ross University School of Veterinarian Medicine.   Her original interest in sea turtles developed as an undergraduate student at University of North Carolina at Wilmington and after joining Ross veterinary school, worked with St. Kitts Sea Turtle Monitoring Network for two years as a volunteer and continues working closely with sea turtles.  She has worked at the Karen Beasley Rehabilitation hospital at Topsail, North Carolina and was awarded a rehabilitation internship with the hospital.  She is involved with her advisors in exploring potential causes of low hatch success on their beaches and wishes to continue her career working in rehabilitation and research in the hopes of rebounding the population to sustainable levels.  Kristine was awarded an eco-volunteer opportunity in Tortuguero, Costa Rica, for sea turtle research.  Her experiences have led her to a career goal in sea turtle research.  Several letters of recommendation accompanied Kristine's application.

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