1947 clip of an "arribada." What healthy sea turtle populations should look like!

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This is what started it all!!

This film was made on 16mm color on June 18, 1947 when Andres Herrera landed his Cessna on the northern beaches of Mexico to film the great "arribada" of Kemp's ridley sea turtles.

Researchers estimate that 40,000 turtles nested that day.
Sea Turtle, Inc. has perhaps the only surviving copy of the 16 mm film, and we sent it off to LA in 2004 to a film restoration company to be digitalized and color enhanced.

The film sat in Sr. Herrera's desk until the early 60's when Dr. Henry Hildebrand of Corpus Christi got a chance to see it and finally tell the world where most of the Kemp's ridley sea turtles nested.

Today, that beach is part of a bi-national program where nests and near shore waters are protected. Sea Turtle, Inc. is proud to help this program financially and many of our staff have received training on this very beach.

Many dedicated workers spend long, hot hours patrolling this beach and working hours on end to protect the females and hatchlings.

The population fell to less than 500 females by the early 80's but finally started climbing in the mid-80's. By 2009, it seemed the Kemp's ridley was on the recovery trail.

Since 2010, the numbers have declined leaving most everyone very concerned. Because of this decline, nest detection and monitoring are critical to help explain reasons for the sudden drop. Of course, we have suspicions, including cold winters and the Deep Horizon spill, but time and monitoring will help us explain with more certainty.

As always, thanks to all our friends for your support.
- Jeff George, Executive Director of Sea Turtle, Inc.

1947 Arribada