Stranded: 05-06-2017

Released: 06-13-2017


aquarid corneaAquarid is a juvenile Atlantic green sea turtle that was found wedged in the rocks at the jetties in Isla Blanca Park here on South Padre Island. Aquarid weighs in at 4 lbs. It has an old constriction injury across its head (likely caused by fishing line) that affected the right side of its face: the upper right jaw is missing and it cannot completely close the right eye. The inability to close the eye is the likely cause for the corneal ulcer that was present on intake. The picture on the left shows the ulcer (small white area on eye), but it healed with 4 days of treatment (see photo on right)! Aquarid is also receiving cold laser therapy on wounds that were caused by the rocksaquarid after cornea med. This turtle is currently sharing a tank with our two hawksbills, Sunshine and Hula.
Potential release date: summer 2017