$1.3 M in Matching Funds

From now until March 2018 a generous benefactor will match all contributions to Sea Turtle, Inc.’s Capital Campaign — up to $1.3 million! This matching donation has enabled to undertake the entire project at once, instead of completing in phases.

Years of contributions enabled Sea Turtle, Inc. to purchase five acres of land adjacent to our current building in 2013. The infrastructure and road leading to the new buildings has been completed. The blueprints are ready, the contracts are signed. Groundbreaking occurred in spring of 2017!

The total enterprise is predicted to take 15 months to complete, which means  the new state of the art grounds and facilities will be open in early 2018. We will build the new education center that will house our sea turtle residents, then we will begin work on the existing structure, which will continue to be home to our sea turtle patients.

Capital Campaign


What STI looks forward to:

Amphitheater — Our current amphitheater can only seat about 100 people and accommodate one school group at a time due to the small size of our facility. The expansion will allow us to have multiple school groups visit, increasing the amount of children learning about sea turtles and the importance of conservation.

Education — In addition to increasing the size of our Amphitheater, the new facility will have classrooms and educational exhibits that will add to the activities we can host. Our summer camps that are always sold out can expand, too.

Intern Housing — Our interns are currently housed in 2 bedroom apartments, 4 interns per apartment.. The new facility includes housing above the improved sea turtle hospital. The intern programs are a keystone piece of Sea Turtle, Inc. STI would not be able to handle the busy nesting season and summer crowds without them. Plus, these internships play an integral part of shaping tomorrow’s conservation biologists.

Gift Shop  — We operate on donations and proceeds from our gift shop. The new center means we can offer more items to more people, and we will have the storage to expand our online gift shop inventory.

Restrooms — Currently there is only one restroom for staff and visitors to share. In the summer, STI has over 1,000 visitors each day. This can create a long line for the restroom.

Proper storage — The future facility will have climate-controlled storage for medications, sea turtle food and gift shop merchandise. At the moment, these items are stored in STI’s garage and upstairs storage that has no A/C.

Offices — STI is a close knit team, but its office space is becoming a little too cozy. It houses four desks for eight staff members and also serves as the break room, volunteer work space, extra storage and a classroom. The new facility will have much more space for each purpose.

Please Help Us Build the New Facility!

If you are interested in making a donation to Sea Turtle, Inc.'s Capital Campaign to help us build the new facility, click the donate button below, or contact Jeff George (jeff.george@seaturtleinc.org).

Now, thanks to a matching grant, your donation is doubled! Every donation will help us begin building the new facility twice as fast. Please, help us grow!