Our Mission

At Sea Turtle Inc., our mission is to rescue, rehabilitate, and release injured sea turtles, educate the public, and assist with conservation efforts for all marine turtle species.

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Snug and Safe inside the Sea Turtle, Inc. Corral

By Ruma Chatterji Sharks and killer whales are predators sea turtles certainly worry about. But, for the early part of a sea turtle’s life, that is of least concern. Getting to the ocean, unharmed — or uneaten is an intimidating challenge. All eight...

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Rising Jellyfish Populations: Can Leatherback Sea Turtles Come to the Rescue?

By Keeley Zimmerman Have you noticed more jellyfish washing up on the beaches of South Padre Island in the last few years? Maybe you aren’t concerned yet, but worldwide jellyfish blooms are being observed more frequently. Dr. Lisa-ann Gershwin, director...

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Kemp's Ridley Migration: a Long and Dangerous Journey

By Theresa Madrigal On July 4th Sea Turtle, Inc. had its first public hatchling release of the 2014 nesting season. Those of you watching on the beach or on our new hatchling webcam witnessed 110 Kemp’s ridley hatchlings start the first part of their...

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What We Do on Mondays

Interns scrub Jerry's 25,000 gallon tank on a Monday. Sea Turtle, Inc. archive photo. By Teresa Shumaker Have you ever wondered why we close on Mondays? We often get asked this question as many other places stay open seven days a week. Unfortunately, we...

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A Look Back at 2014

We began 2014 with a huge sea turtle release. About 1,000 people attended to cheer on the rehabilitated sea turtles as they returned to the wild. Sea Turtle, Inc. Archive photo. 2014 was a big year for us, we added two new staff positions — an educator...

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STI Partners with UTB and SpaceX

A volunteer patrols the beach on South Padre Island. The new grad-student intern will be responsible for patrolling the beaches on Boca Chica beach. Teresa Shumaker photo.   We are excited to announce a new grad student intern position with Sea Turtle,...

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